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We are starting a new trial today of a service called Football Multiplier

This comes from Steve Hudson, who also provides the tips for another service we have reviewed (and passed), the Goal King. 


Football Mutliplier, as the name suggests, provides multiple bets – in the form of trixies. 

A trixie, in case you are not familiar with the term, is a bet consisting of:

  • 3 doubles
  • 1 treble

It gives some insurance in case all three bets don’t win, you would still get a decent return if two come in. 

The results published on the Football Multiplier website look encouraging, with just over 200 points profit made since tips began in April of this year. 

That has come with a very high return on investment (ROI) in football terms of 27% and a good strike rate of 54%.

Tips come from leagues across Europe and a variety of markets are used including match odds, double chance, over/under goals and both teams to score. 

We know punters do like a multiple bet so this service should be popular – although whether it can be profitable is another question.

We will soon find out as we get our review underway today. As ever results will be updated here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Football Multiplier for yourself here.

Why You Need to Change The Way You Bet...

From: Steve Hudson

Losing your hard earned money to the bookies hurts.

It's even worse when it's caused by rogue “tipsters" who have no clue what they are doing and don't care about your success.

Is it really this tough to make money from betting?? Surely there is a way to profit?

The harsh truth is that most gamblers betting on football lose money.

Football has unpredictable results that ruin bets all of the time.

Despite this, you have probably had crazy fake promises from "football tipsters" of improbable win rates and unrealistic rewards, unfortunately the truth is...

No One Can Guarantee a Football Bet Will Win

I don't care how certain you are, how good the stats look. Sometimes things just go wrong.

What I am here to tell you is it DOESN'T matter.

As soon as you figure out and accept that are going to lose some of your bets you can move on to what is really important when betting on football...PROFIT

Football Betting is not just about "winning" bets, it's about beating the odds. 

The Win Rate is Irrelevant if we Can't Beat the Odds.  

If the bookmaker odds are less than the actual chance of the bet winning we will lose over the long term. 

If we don't focus on odds price we may as well play roulette and just hope we get lucky.

So how do we reverse the trend of the bookies making a fortune and beat the odds?

HOW do we finally make a decent regular profit from football??

Firstly here is what you need to STOP worrying about when betting on football..



If you bet on football all the above will 100% happen on a regular basis.

There is no point worrying about these things as it is a certainty that they will happen.

What YOU need to solely focus on is having an EDGE in football betting.

When a football team wins a league they don't care about the games they lost because they had enough of an edge to emerge victorious. 

Likewise, we don't need to be perfect.

We just need to focus on the bigger picture and make sure we are taking more money out than we are putting into our football bets. 

To finally prosper and get a REAL edge over the bookies you need the right help.

Premier bets will give you everything you need to profit on all the top leagues throughout the world.

We focus on the top league in each country and research the very best bets so YOU can be successful.

We will also provide international tips when ever there is an international break or major tournament.

The main leagues we specialise in are below...


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