Best DFS Lineup Optimizers

 Best DFS Lineup Optimizers for maximizing Earnings in 2022

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Did you know that less than 2% of all DFS players collect over 90% of the winnings?   In the competitive space of daily fantasy sports, you're either the hunter or the hunted. 


The Best DFS Lineup Optimizers of 2022

There are many daily fantasy research tools on the market, and developers create more every year. For 2022, I ranked the best optimizers according to the following metrics:

  1. Usability - How easy the optimizer is to use both beginners and experts
  2. Value - Which optimizer delivers the most value for the cost
  3. Effectiveness - Those optimizers that can quickly produce positive results 
  4. Tool Suite - Lineup generators that are part of a comprehensive software package

I also reveal the top optimizers in several categories:

Let's get started with an overview of the leading lineup optimizers for 2022.

Draft Dashboard supports a range of usable DFS tools

Draft Dashboard Optimizer

Draft Dashboard's lineup optimizer is a feature-rich tool with a user-friendly interface. 

This emphasis on usability creates an intuitive research experience that results in faster lineup creation.

While their lineup optimizer is fantastic, additional features like their Position Optimizer tool, Perfect Lineups interface, and Top Players widget help you achieve roster maximization from different angles. This flexibility makes it the ideal tool if you like to approach lineup creation by first finding diamonds in the rough, then constructing the best fantasy lineup around that core of players.


To be competitive,  you can't bring a knife to a gun fight.  And in daily fantasy, the most effective tool is the DFS lineup optimizer. 

I've done the analysis, crunched the numbers, and now it's time to reveal the best DFS lineup optimizers of 2022.


The Key Features of an Effective DFS Lineup Optimizer

Lineup optimizers are not one size fits all tools. While some DFS players insist on the most feature-packed optimizers, others prefer to utilize tools that emphasize simplicity and speed.

Here are other important factors that may influence your choice of an optimizer.


An effective fantasy lineup optimizer produces outstanding results in minimal time

Just about every DFS lineup builder provides some level of value. But just because an optimizer is marginally functional doesn't mean that it is effective.

Effective lineup optimizers accomplish two primary goals:

  1. They simplify and streamline lineup generation quickly and at scale
  2. They provide social proof with proven, documented successes


A DFS Lineup Generator should be the centerpiece of a comprehensive software suite

If you look at the sites with the best lineup optimizers, you'll notice that their roster generation tool is usually the core of a more extensive tool suite. The best DFS research sites develop additional tools that address other common daily fantasy problems:

  1. Managing your contest selection and bankroll
  2. Delivering exclusive player news in a timely fashion
  3. Helping you  identify sneaky value plays
  4. Integration with popular DFS sites for bulk contest management

Let’s look at a few sites that excel when it comes to developing tools that complement and enhance their base lineup optimization functionality.


Draft Dashboard is an Excellent Fantasy Lineup Optimizer with a Lower Barrier to Entry

Draft Dashboard Logo

Draft Dashboard develops an assortment of tools that help you build the best possible lineups for the most popular DFS sites. Their design elements make it particularly simple to manipulate base lineups and quickly evaluate replacement players with high potential.

Their lineup optimization tools support the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB (we've got another article on how to pick a baseball lineup optimizer). A consistent user experience makes it easy to transition from sport to sport as you prepare for various contests.

In the next few sections, I dig a bit deeper into the essential features of lineup optimizers. I also reveal the best DFS lineup optimizer in each of the primary feature categories: usability, value, effectiveness, & tool suite.

A usable lineup optimizer should be versatile and intuitive

DFS tools, especially lineup optimizers, were created to reduce the time needed to generate the best DFS lineups. Confusing and clunky interfaces increase research time, leading to lousy fantasy lineup decisions and poor contest performance.

The best lineup optimizers are feature-rich, but convey the most actionable player metrics clearly and concisely.  Access to this data helps you to make faster, more informed roster decisions.

Streamlined research means you can enter more contests, win more prizes, and make more money.

Draft Dashboard promotes efficiency when building lineups

Draft Dashboard Promotes Usability
Draft Dashboard uses both smart design elements and unique metrics to make configuring lineups more efficient.  For starters, they color-code most player statuses using a stoplight-style scheme.  Green means a player is a smart play, yellow means a player is serviceable, and red indicates you should steer clear.

They also developed a proprietary player ranking metric called Dash Rank.  Dash Rank is a score (from 0 to 100) that indicates the relative strength of a player for a specific slate of games.  This useful metric makes it easy to identify the most valuable starters for your upcoming contests.


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